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In my Ogame experience ive learned that instead of trying to develop all colonies evenly, I use all of my colonies to feed my homeworld. It is very useful when you have a colony in a much farther out galaxy. I will explain that in a little more depth on the contingency plans page. Now in most cases, the most developed colony is their homeworld. When you have two, three, or four planets all producing large amounts of supplies this is how you get supply chains going. It works in a way that allows supplies to be moved from one planet to another depending on what that colony needs. It works for me. My profile advanced much faster than most. It allows for more research and faster. I built up a large civil fleet and a large war fleet. Unfortunately I suffered three back to back defeats that crippled my supply chains and isolated my outer colony. However, my situation began to improve. All colonies were producing supplies that were used to stitch my civil supply chains back together. From there I began to rebuild my battle fleet. My main naval yard was on my homeworld, which was why my colonies were so important. The colonies could produce civil ships but were incapable of producing large warships. Supply chains restarted and the shit stopped rolling downhill and wheels began to turn. Now my fleet has gotten to about half the power it was before. This strategy works well.

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